Shrine of Chao Po Koh Chang


Location : Ao Sapparot Bay, Noth of Koh Chang

Shrine of Chao Po Koh Chang Shrine of Chao Po Koh Chang is a highly valued shrine, especially by local people. Chao Po Koh Chang (the Deity of Koh Chang) has protected people on Koh Chang, its nearby islands and Trat on the mainland. Fishermen lost at sea or hit by monsoon put their faith in Chao Po Koh Chang. According to legend, many prayers have been answered and the locals have been praying to Chao Po Koh Chang regarding various hardships, from poor harvests to illness or other miseries. Hotels in Sapparod Bay Area


How to get there

Heading up a steep road on the west coast to Ao Sapparot, not very far from the pier. The shrine of Chao Po and Chao Mae Koh Chang located on your right.