Chao Po Koh Chang shrine


Location: Turn left from Ao Sapparot ferries pier around 2 minutes a small Chinese Shrine nestled on the hill right hand side, and when viewed from Koh Chang main road.


Chao Po Koh Chang shrine is one of the oldest and most respected spiritual centers of the island, both for locals and for visitors to Koh Chang. The name of the Chinese shrine located in Ao Sapparod means in literary translation as “Holy father Koh Chang”. Moving from Centerpoint pier to Koh Chang’s west coast beaches, on the right side, you will see Chao Po Koh Chang Chinese temple.


Within a few generations “the Holy father Koh Chang” was the savior of Khon Kard – population of Trat province. In the past, when sailing depended solely on the reliability of sails and boats, the fishermen going out to the sea, during a strong monsoon wind, in desperation, sought the faith and support from Chao Po Koh Chang. Tell amazing stories that happened after the people began to pray Chao Po Koh Chang, in times of poor harvest, disease and other calamities.


Currently, many people come here to pray for good health and well-being. Some of them bring medicinal drugs traditional medicine from the local shops and ask God’s blessings before using drugs. The temple free of charge; however, donations are accepted to support the shrines and charitable causes. Open daily from 08:00 – 17:00


How to get there

Heading up a steep road on the west coast to Ao Sapparot, not far from ferries pier. The shrine of Chao Po located on your right-hand side.