Klong Plu waterfall


Location: Klong Prao, West of Koh Chang


Klong Plu waterfall is clearly signed off the Koh Chang’s main road, with elephants from the nearby camp, Ban Kon Chang.


Winding river-side past scattered houses and buildings, the waterfall approach road is a shaded and peaceful drive, a world apart from the island’s main thoroughfare. You’ll spot the local Thai restaurant along the way.


Klong Plu Waterfall falls under the auspices of the National Park, so you pay an entrance fee of 200 baht for adults, 100 baht for kids. Thais pay 40bt and 20bt respectively. Provided it is on the same day, you can use this ticket to visit the east coast Than Mayom Waterfall as well.


The waterfall itself is 300 meters straight on from the ticket booth down an uneven path, which comes complete with rest stops. Oldies and kids can manage the walk without too much fuss. Walk to the waterfall follow the jungle track, which takes 20 minutes.


The falls have a 30 meter drop. That’s mighty impressive in the heart of the rainy season but admittedly not quite so eye-popping during the driest months. Still, all year round, you can happily enjoy the plunge pool and you’ll find good spot for a refreshing swim surrounding rocks.


Groups tend to arrive in the afternoon, whilst the Thais love the weekends. If you visit on a weekday morning, therefore, you’ll not find it crowded.


How to get there


Just a 2 km drive away from Klong Prao Bay community. Then walk to the waterfall follow the jungle track, which takes 20 minutes.