Khiri Phet Waterfall


Location: Salak Phet Bay, South East of Koh Chang


Khiri Phet Waterfall Located about 2 kilometers from the fishing village of Salak Phet. Khiri Phet is medium sized waterfall with 2 levels. all year round, you can happily enjoy the plunge pool and you’ll find good spot for a refreshing swim. Further levels of the waterfall can be reached but the path is very difficult especially in rainy season when it can be very slippery. Once at the top however, you will be rewarded with some stunning views over Salak Phet and Jek Bae Villages.


How to get there


Just a 2 km drive away from the fishing village of Salak Phet in the south east of Koh Chang. From Salak Phet follow the jungle track for about 1.5 km to the beginning of a footpath. After a few hundred meters you will reach the bottom level of the waterfall.