Kai Bae View Point

Facilities Details

Location : Kai Bae Beach, West of Koh Chang

Kai Bae View Point Kai Bae View Point is one of the most popular beach on the western side of Koh Chang. Kai Bae Beach is situated to the south of Klong Prao Beach and boasts a 2-kilometre stretch of sandy beach. Beach filled with waste rock and coral remains. The slope is not very swim very well. Peaceful atmosphere is not crowded. Is the choice of a favorite tourist privacy. Kai Bae Beach also has beautiful beaches. Quiet then. Beach to see the four islands, Yuak Island, Pli Island, Man Nok and Man Nai Island are idyllically placed in front of the beach. During the summer months, at low-tide, Man Nai Island can be reached by foot. Kai Bae Beach Point is the most beautiful sunsets are another of Koh Chang.


How to get there

The easiest way to reach this Kai Bae View Point on Koh Chang is by Motorbike. Kai Bae View Point located just a 10 minutes walk from south Kai Bae Beach.