Chai Chet Beach Koh Chang


Location: Chai Chet Beach, West of Koh Chang


The Chai Chet Cape is a destination on the amazing located of Koh Chang. Visitors come here to watch the nice sunset and walk along the white sand beach on their holidays. Chai Chet Cape is the long seaside neighboring the Kai Bae Beach, which is some part a rocky relatively steep. The beach where visitors can take in the beautiful landscape while enjoying the superb tranquil retreat. Just four kilometers from south of White Sand beach, the scenic at Chai Chet rocky cape is curves round into sweeping, one of Koh Chang’s nicest beaches. Chai Chet beach is definitely well worth for a visit.


How to get there

From Koh Chang’s ferries piers, turn right to the main road to Klong Son Village and following to the road to White Sand Beach and Chai Chet Beach distance total 14Km.