Bang Bao Fishing Village


Location : Bang Bao Bay, South West of Koh Chang

Bang Bao Fishing Village Bang Bao Fishing Village is very interesting residents in the area build up their houses with poles pitched into the sea and the bridge reaching to every house is set up to link the community together. The Bang Bao Bay has been a sanctuary for fishing boats seeking shelter from the monsoon for over a century. Bang Bao is one of the zones rich with corals. Koh Mun Nok-Mun Nai is a small isle opposite Kai Bae Beach. The Beach around the isle can be seen at low tide. The sea in the area is some what shallow and plenty of gold-colour corals.


How to get there

From Koh Chang’s Piers, drive away to the south west side of the island a distance total about 24 Km. The easiest way to get around the island is via Share taxi, a pickup truck with padded benches in the rear. Share taxi provide service along the two main roads and can be used as public transport or can be hired privately for a half or full day.