Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp


Location : Klong Son Bay, North West of Koh Chang

Baan Kwan Chang Elephant Camp Ban Kwan Chang is situated just inland from Klong Son Bay, off the main land road, it is easily. The camp is supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation who endeavour to maintain the Asian elephant population which has dwindled alarmingly in mainland Thailand in recent years. To get a real experience of the camp, you are able to go on half day elephant trekking tours in the morning, where you will be taking to various locations on the trek and get to have a break so the elephants can get to have a feed on the way. There is around 8 elephants altogether on the Ban Kwan Chang camp site all of which have different personalities, some of them were performing animals before arriving in Koh Chang; the others were working animals.


How to get there

From Koh Chang’s piers, turn left to the main road to Klong Son Village.